“Real Estate Agents sell homes, but quality photography is what brings potential buyers through the door.”

 Real Estate Photography

With property search engines and online listings as the first port of call, the images you commission will create the first and lasting impression. We specialise in capturing what someone can “feel” in a space without the need to be there. Homes don’t sell themselves, and, more than photography, we understand how to market real estate. More photos doesn’t equal better marketing, with quality always trumping quantity. Great photos will generate more interest, with better results, while poor photos will deter solid buyers, with fewer sale leads and more bargain hunters looking to drive the property value down.

“Drones allow us to find new perspectives with exciting images that lead to increased marketability.”


Drone photography can show potential buyers new and interesting aerial perspectives at affordable prices,  ideal for both rural properties and suburbia. In the highly competitive real estate market, drone photography is often the difference between a mediocre, ground level shot of the property and a visually stunning capture. As CASA Licensed Drone pilots, we have extensive experience in drone operations, drone photography and videography, having shot a range of properties, varying from homes in the suburbs to 600+ acreage rural properties.

“Time and patience are the key elements that make the difference between a good travel photo and a great one.”

tourism & Travel PHOTOGRAPHY

We look to capture images to promote the destinations we visit. We work with our clients to conceive iconic photographs and defining images – “Hero Shots” that grab people’s attention and make them think, “what I wouldn’t give to be there right now.” Our signature style is the use of colour, with our ability to capture people enjoying themselves, while promoting the destination, be it an island resort, hotel or a tourist park. We shoot fun, high quality premium photos that add marketing value using models where it’s appropriate, depending on the budget.

“If there are no existing architectural plans, we will draw your floor plan using precise laser measurements.”

Professional Floor & Site Plans

Floor plans are essential in communicating the flow of your space to potential buyers. Market research shows as many as half of the potential buyers will ignore a property without a floor plan provided. Pre-inspection, a professionally drawn, easy to follow floor plan helps buyers understand a home’s design, and visualise how its spaces will work for them. Post-inspection, a plan is a great reminder of layout, allowing serious interested parties to imagine living in the home by mapping out their own furniture placements or potential renovation options.

“You can transform your vacant or rented property into a beautifully staged home using our Virtual Staging.”

Virtual Property Staging

Home buyers are viewing numerous homes and making shortlists of which ones to visit – not every listing will make the cut. Homes that present poorly online will attract more bargain hunters, pushing prices below vendor and agent expectations. The Virtual Staging and Removal service delivers premium quality life-like results, without altering your actual home photos or altering any fixtures, colours or layout. Virtual Staging will transform the online presentation of your vacant or rented property, shifting buyers’ focus to the potential as opposed to the shortcomings, or irrelevant clutter.

“Professional copy writing doesn’t just tell the story of each property. It tells the story of your brand.”

PRofessional Copy Writing

On a surface level, professionally written listings are devoid of the common grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences and repetitive word choices that typically plague real estate copy. ​They clearly communicate the top attractions of the property, and focus attention on those features that are most appealing to your target market. Our copywriter will convert browsers into motivated buyers by reflecting their lifestyle aspirations via carefully tailored language that builds an emotional connection to the home using an engaging and consistent voice to distinguish you from your competitors.

“It’s one thing to take a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another to project their business image with it.”


When shooting business and environmental portraiture, we take the time to get to know our subjects beforehand in order to determine the goal of the shoot. Business portraits are an important part of marketing and image projection and the process should never be rushed. We meticulously plan out each shoot in terms of light conditions and location and work with each subject in a relaxed manner to project the image they wish to convey as part of their business profile. At the completion of each shoot, we provide a number of unedited, proof images for the client to narrow down their choices. 

“A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million pictures……”

Walk Through and Drone Videos

Real estate videos are a fantastic way to generate more leads and build trust-driven relationships. With a walk-through video, a viewer can enjoy a realistic presentation of a home. Our team produce video tours to provide an artistic touch and a “real-life” feel. We begin with an introduction by agent or vendor outside the home or by going directly to the property, sometimes accompanied with a professional voice over. Additionally our videos highlight the best aspects of the neighbourhood in conjunction with key lifestyle features, such as beaches, parks, cafes and local shopping.